Chronic Fatigue : – specific markers


Published the 15.11.2017 at 07: 30


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The chronic fatigue syndrome has long been considered a psychosomatic illness. In the same way as the syndrome of the Gulf war, which affected some veterans.
These two diseases have symptoms in common : muscle pain, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, sleep problem, sore throat, headache and generalized pain after physical exercise.
Researchers are however able to determine that people with one or the other of these syndromes, were affected by variations in a very particular level of microrna, the molecules responsible for the regulation of the production of proteins from genes.

Hope for the sick

The study was conducted on people with chronic fatigue syndrome or the syndrome of the Gulf war. They have conducted sessions of physical exercise (on a bicycle), then measurements were taken on their level of microrna, a molecule responsible for the regulation of the production of proteins in the liquid cerebrospinal.
Before exercise, all participants had the same level of microrna. But 24 hours later, this level was changed. People with chronic fatigue syndrome saw their rates decrease. In addition, those with the syndrome of the Gulf war have had a tachycardia for two to three days. The study revealed that these people have abnormalities in certain areas of the brain, yet it is they that help control the heart rate.

All these discoveries will allow to better diagnose the syndrome, and, ultimately, to improve the lives of people with dementia, who were hitherto poorly understood.