CIBL will appeal to the “pillars” for its relaunch

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty

At the end of their meeting with the board of directors, the employees laid off were disappointed at the lack of concrete measures.

The committee of revival of the community radio station in montreal CIBL, who was fired Friday on all of its employees due to financial difficulties, will ideally be composed of eight members, the “pillars” will of the people known and close to the cultural environment and business, said Tuesday morning the Duty of the chairman of the board of directors of 101.5 FM, Thierry Holdrinet.


This is what emerged from the discussions and decisions of the board of directors of the station, which met Monday evening, after a long meeting with the 13 employees laid off.


M. Holdrinet explained that the committee of revival of the radio founded in 1980, will be composed of employees and current directors of the station, but that he will meet Thursday, “one or two “personalities” who have a certain reputation, a very high degree of credibility with CIBL and also in the business and cultural “. Refusing to give names, M. Holdrinet has estimated that these ” will likely be the pillars or posts of this recovery.”


Employees dissatisfied


On Monday evening, at the end of their meeting with the board of directors, the employees laid off until further notice they were disappointed in the lack of concrete measures.


“It is sure that the employees, and one understands it completely, were disappointed, were full of questions and questions, said the chairman of the board. We tried to respond as best as possible, the meeting lasted a good two hours. There is a certain amount of disappointment because there were no magic solutions to make, we didn’t have a solutions structural. “


Negotiate with creditors


The board of directors has also expressed late Monday his desire to appoint ” a person to do more of the work of administrative follow-up of CIBL, which is a pivot of coordination, a sort of project manager of the committee of stimulus. But it will depend on the fund that is a. Currently, the funds are at the bottom “.

Thierry Holdrinet meet on Tuesday afternoon the main partner of the resort, the Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins, ” to try to have a little cushion, because, unfortunately, it takes money to generate money “.


How long could it last ? The president wants things to happen ” as quickly as possible “. “There are jobs in the game, listeners in the game, partners in the game, but we want to especially as it is well. The idea is not to pick up an amount of money, to re-inject and repeat the same thing, that would be irresponsible, ridiculous even. “