Cirrus: For its people I am the hero of Ukraine, I don’t need stars from the state

Усик: Для своего народа я и так герой Украины, мне не нужны звезды от государства

The absolute world champion in heavy weight and the first Cup winner Muhammad Ali Oleksandr Usyk (15-0, 11 KOs) stated that he does not need awards from the state. This was the Ukrainian athlete said during a press conference in Kiev, which was broadcast “112 Ukraine”.

“Hero I don’t need any stars. For his people and a certain number of people of my country, I and so are the hero, I don’t need stars, I don’t need some jewels,” said Usyk.

“After arriving home in the Ukraine, home of a lot of people started to Express the view that to give that back. Pick up will be difficult, just saying. Perhaps that is not possible. Not absolutely necessary to give me anything because I have nothing to ask. I ask you simply not to interfere with me to go the way God leads me. Do not disturb is the best support you can give me,” said the Ukrainian athlete.

Today, August 1, WBO appropriated the absolute world champion Ukrainian Alexander Usik is the status of super champion in the heavyweight division.

We will remind, on July 21, Alexander Usik is the unanimous decision of judges has won the final battle WBSS have Murata Gassieva.

The Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman said that he will propose to President Poroshenko to give the Mustache the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Also after the fight with the Russian athlete, a Ukrainian once said the desire to fight with Her. It is expected that this fight will be the first transition to Usyk in the heavyweight division.

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