City Hall promises to deal with the scandalous kiosk on the street

024-300x218The validity of a trade location in the city center, close to the street. N, 19, is studying the City Council.

“Temporary structures such as” Hall “on the street. N, 19, was posted to the address of 2006. After the applicant’s request, the City Council renewed the lease for two years and ordered the employer to bring architectural appearance of the building in accordance with the standard form, – says Basil Besaha. – This proposal also coordinated the Department of City Planning Administration and passport issued temporary structures to anchor point where a commercial facility existed from previous years. ”

Head of the Municipal Police of the City Council Sergei Volkov said that December 20 of Ternopil appealed to the Municipal Police complaining about the construction of certain facilities in the surrounding area their home. On this day, the entrepreneur who has mounting frame commercial properties were told to stop any work to clarify all the circumstances.

“It turned out that this was really an entrepreneur extended lease. But this is the wrong area to mount it started its commercial facility – says Sergey Volkov. – Because such a discrepancy in the documents and real actions entrepreneur caused public outcry.

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