Claude Poirier ordered to pay more than $ 100,000 in taxes

claude-poirierThe legal problems of crime reporter Claude Poirier are completed. The Superior Court has sentenced Mr. Poirier and his company, The managements of the chain inc., To pay $ 102,755 to Revenue Quebec.

“I’m trying to make arrangements with them for it to rule. I’ll settle my business, “Poirier said yesterday, during a brief telephone conversation.

The decision, issued on October 28, is the latest of a long series of appeals tempted by various creditors to recover substantial sums that they must Poirier. One of these creditors, Denis Belisle, tried in vain to seize the stamp obtained by the specialist underworld for his show Claude Poirier judicial secrets.

In April 2014, Revenu Québec had already tried to collect a debt of nearly $ 50,000 owed by Mr. Poirier, placing a legal hypothec against his house in Candiac. The Canada Revenue Agency also tried to recover nearly $ 27,000 in the same way.

Unable to pay his mortgage, Poirier ended up getting grasp his residence in February. He and his wife have nevertheless been able to return a few months later, after it was acquired by a company number belonging to the Saputo family. “We’re just tenants. This is the Saputo family that bought the house. What do you want, I have no choice, I had both feet on the street, “explained Mr. Poirier, last June, when La Presse had met him at his home.

Another creditor

The same day, a note left by a bailiff on the house door handle Poirier invited to respond to another creditor. Denis Belisle, whom Mr. Poirier has more than $ 112,000 as a result of a judgment of the Superior Court, has been trying since 2013 to get his due by multiplying the legal action. The breach of a promise to purchase a residence belonging to Mr. Belisle is central to this decision, in which Claude Poirier has been criticized by the judge to have acted negligently and “disrepute for judicial basis “.

Denis Belisle recently sent notice of seizure and Blimp Bell Media TV, which broadcast the show and produce Claude Poirier judicial secrets, to capture its character. The approach was aborted, the amounts available are insufficient.

Everything suggests that, whatever happens, the financial assets currently owned by Claude Poirier are just elusive. In March 2014, a creditor had targeted a substantial investment held by Mr. Poirier in a life income fund (LIF) of Fudicie Desjardins. However, according to the law, the LIF is elusive investment vehicles.

To date, neither Claude Poirier or the managements of the sector did not file bankruptcy application to the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada.

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