“Cliché GO” can share their best photos of Pokémon

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Niantic and The Pokémon Company International have announced the arrival of Cliché GO, a new feature in augmented reality that will allow trainers of the game Pokémon GB of photograph more easily, and where they want it, any Pokémon in their inventory.

While the trainers of Pokémon GB were already able to take a photo of it in the real world the Pokémon in the wild, the creators of the application have announced that the tournament would soon be able to capture in the same way, “any Pokémon” of their storage, at any time and anywhere.

This new feature, called Snapshot GB (GB Snapshot in English), is possible thanks to augmented reality, improved which allows you to not only take a photo of his monsters in the real world, but also to make them move to achieve the perfect shot.

According to the designer, Laura Warner of Niantic, the purpose of the feature is to provide more options for the gameurs who want to photograph their own Pokémon. “They are already beautiful photos with the help of the current technology [of the application], but they must do it in very specific scenarios, such as the encounters of Pokémon”, she explained. “We realized that we should facilitate their task. Regardless of the time of day, or the adventure, a person will be able to take a photo with a Pokémon of his inventory.”

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In regards to the launch of this update, The Pokémon Company International is vague and mentions only that it will be “soon”, as suggested by Pokémon GB.