Climate in the G20 spouse program

Angela Merkel’s husband gave an unusually political color to the G20 leaders’ spouse program, which will be held on Friday and Saturday in Hamburg, inviting the controversial theme of global warming.

The program includes cruises in the port of Hamburg, a visit to the town hall, and a concert at the Elbe Philharmonie where the ninth Symphony of Beethoven, the European anthem, will be played, according to the government.

But Chancellor Joachim Sauer, who is the master of ceremonies for the occasion, wanted to add to this highly consensual program a visit to the German Center for Climate Research in Hamburg.

It is a laboratory that studies the effects of global warming through data modeling.

The wife of US President Melania Trump is expected to travel with the other spouses of the G20 leaders, while Donald Trump has just announced the withdrawal of his country from the Paris agreement on the fight against global warming .

The provocative wink of the husband of Angela Merkel, who is a renowned chemistry professor in Berlin, or pure coincidence, this element of the program retains in any case all the attention of the German media

The Chancellor has repeatedly criticized the decision of the new US administration on climate and said she expects difficult discussions at the G20 summit scheduled Friday and Saturday in Hamburg.

Germany, which this year holds the presidency of the forum of the main developed and emerging economies of the planet, had made climate at the top of its priority. That was before Donald Trump’s decision.

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