Clothes, diapers and a rattle: the Ministry of social policy approved the list of items for baby boxes (List)

Одежда, памперсы и погремушка: Минсоцполитики утвердило перечень товаров для бэби-боксов (Список)

The Ministry of social policy approved the list of goods which will include free “baby package”, issued to parents at the birth of the child. This is stated in the Ministerial order of 17 July.

Among the 25 essential things for babies:

– disposable diapers for newborns from 2 to 5 kg, not less than 94 pieces per pack;

– wet wipes are disposable for children from 0 years, hypoallergenic, PH neutral, odorless, no less than 56 pieces per pack;

diaper cotton; size 80 x 95 cm; diaper flannel size 90 x 110 cm; cotton diaper; size 70 x 70 cm (you can change size +/- 10%); diaper reusable moisture-proof size 60 x 80 cm

– 2 cotton hats (0-3 and 3-6 months) bodysuit short sleeve (50-56 cm and 56-58 cm); cotton bodysuit with long sleeves (50-56 cm and 56-58 cm); cotton Romper (50-56 cm and 56-58); men long sleeve and pants (50-56 cm and 56-58) and socks (0-3 months);

thermometer for water;

thermometer for body electronic, with a rubber tip;

– baby nail scissors with blunt tips (safe), made of medical stainless steel;

– pads for lactation, at least 60 pieces per pack;

– warm blanket/jacket, filling one hundred percent cotton, the outside fabric is also one hundred percent cotton; size 90 x 120 cm;

– plaid blanket 100% knit cotton; size 60 x 80 cm;

– mattress, the composition according to international standards; size 42 x 70. The size of the mattress (the perimeter) must correspond with the size (perimeter) of the bottom of the box;

– Terry towel to a bathing area; size 100 x 100 cm, made of natural material;

is the toy educational, made of plastic with a certificate that allows the use of toys, no small parts;

a cream that contains lanolin 100%; liquid soap-shampoo dispenser, universal, 0 years, no parabens, hypoallergenic, unscented, 500 ml.

It is noted that the entire kit should be Packed in a box-the cradle of sturdy cardboard, size 43 x 70 x 27 cm the Price of this kit – up to 5 thousand hryvnia. Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet decided to provide newborns with essential goods from September 1. In addition, from 1 January 2019 at the Cabinet of Ministers plans to compensate families for the costs of a babysitter to care for children up to 3 years.

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