Club Med if excuse after an outbreak of “gastro” in China

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BEIJING | Club Med has expressed its “regrets” after an extensive outbreak of gastroenteritis in one of its holiday villages in China, promising to indemnify the tourists affected to a height of three times the amount of their stay.

Dozens of customers of the establishment, upscale located in the ski resort Yabuli (north-east) began to be afflicted with vomiting and diarrhea last week, in full vacation of the lunar New year.

“We will share our regrets,” said the Club Med in a press release published Tuesday on the chinese social network Weibo, saying to take the matter ” very seriously “.

The infection is caused by a “norovirus,” says the company, after having received the result of analyses. This virus is relatively common is responsible for most cases of diarrhoea and gastro-enteritis in the developed areas.

“We plan to offer to all the customers who have been affected by the virus a compensation equivalent to three times the price that they have spent,” adds the Club Med in its press release.

The hotel is currently the object of an operation of general disinfection, according to the company. The customers stayed in the hotel have the choice to leave (against compensation) or to continue their stay.

Any medical costs related to contamination by the norovirus will be refunded, ensures that the Club Med. The origin of the infection to the within of the hotel has not yet been identified.

According to a previous press release from the company, 42 people have reported abnormal symptoms, eight of which are spent in consultation with a doctor, but ” no one has been hospitalized “.

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On the chinese social networks, people presenting as recent clients of the institution welcome the compensation. But many complain, however, of the “lack of reactivity” of the Club Med or its “under-estimate” of the number of patients.

The daily the official English-speaking China Daily cites and Wednesday of tourists by referring to “over 200” people affected within the hotel.

Club Med, pioneer of the villages-clubs, became in 2015 the 100% – owned conglomerate chinese Fosun. Since then, China has become its second largest market after France, with six resorts in operation and another four in draft, which will be realized by the end of 2020.