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Prime minister Trudeau maintains have clearly indicated to the former minister of Justice that the decision surrounding the criminal trial of SNC-Lavalin was his.

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Mr. Trudeau has returned in a new time, Wednesday, on a discussion he would have had in September with Jody Wilson-Raybould about the engineering firm. He assured him, she then said that any decision was left to him.

“If it is felt by the result of the pressure, it was his responsibility to report it, what it has not done,” repeated Mr. Trudeau in the media scrum in Sudbury, Ontario.

At the same time, the Commons committee was convened in Ottawa to determine whether it will investigate the case of alleged political interference, and how.

The “Globe and Mail” reported last week that the office of the prime minister would have exerted sustained pressure on the ex-minister of Justice, to help SNC-Lavalin to avoid a trial for fraud and corruption.

The conservatives and the new democrats have asked the standing committee on Justice and human rights to shed light on the matter by meeting with nine high-ranking government, of which Ms. Wilson-Raybould and the new minister of Justice, David Lametti.

This survey would be in addition to the one triggered earlier this week by the ethics commissioner.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould, who had been demoted to the head of the department of Veterans affairs, slammed the door of the cabinet of ministers on Tuesday.

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Asked to provide more details Wednesday on the discussion of September to which he was referring, Mr. Trudeau reiterated that everything had taken place in the rules.

“We have always fulfilled our commitments to stimulate the economy and create jobs. […] These are conversations that we have consistently, but all standards have been met.”