Collected mushrooms and cooked for dinner: In the Kharkiv region, five people were hospitalized with poisoning

Собрали грибы и приготовили на обед: В Харьковской обл. пять человек попали в больницу с отравлением

In the Kharkiv region, five people were poisoned by mushrooms collected in the forest near the village Metalivka. This reports the press service of the police of Kharkiv in Facebook.

“In the toxicology Department of the Kharkiv city clinical hospital with symptoms of food poisoning, II degree was delivered to five people. Their health status physicians estimate as satisfactory”, – is spoken in the message.

It was established that several Kharkiv rested on one of the bases of the urban-type settlement of Old Saltov of Volchansky district.

In the afternoon they went to the forest near the village Metalivka, collected mushrooms and cooked for dinner. After some time they became ill, and they called the ambulance, after which he was hospitalized.

Earlier, the Ministry of health reminded the rules that will help to avoid mushroom poisoning, and told what to do, if there is a suspicion of such poisoning. The Ministry said that of the 2 million species of fungi are edible in Ukraine are considered to be a maximum of 500.

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