Collection of obscure images of the cult of the Beatles put up for auction

Коллекцию неизвестных снимков культовой группы The Beatles выставят на аукцион

Previously unknown photos of the “fab four” The Beatles will go with a British auction in late March. It is expected that their value will amount to more than 345 thousand dollars.

In the photos the group captured during the first American tour in 1964. Shots were taken during two concerts in the United States. Only on sale 413 pictures, of which only 46 were shown earlier. The data of 46 images in this series were restored with the help of digital technology. In 2011 they were sold at the auction house Christie’s in new York for $362 thousand. Estimated cost of all the photos that are up for sale now is £250 million (over $345 thousand).

The author of the photos is the photographer Mike Mitchell, who at the time was only 18 years old. He photographed members of The Beatles at concert halls, at press conferences and on the stage in Washington and Baltimore. The owner of the auction house Omega Auctions Paul Fairweather, the organiser of sales, related to The Beatles relics, said that the pictures Mitchell is a unique combination of perspective and light that distinguish them from any other photos of The Beatles from that period.