Commander “Kalmius” and the leader of one of the units of the “Hold” reported the occurrence of suicide on Sunday – journalist

Information obtained through the three terrorists detained under Volnovaha.

“Informs the public, if anyone is interested. Tonight at the checkpoint under detention Volnovaha shot three suspicious. In phones dudes were rooms commander” Kalmius “and the leader of one of the units” Hold. “Our guys got a call pretended separable from the checkpoint in Elenovka. allegedly detained “similar ukropskih saboteurs.” Asked to support the physical reliability. commanders rashistov happily confirmed the status of terrorists – “This is our reliable people miss !!!”.

Next, the commander asked about how things at the checkpoint and ended the conversation about the same phrase “Poterpiti, guys, to Sunday, Sunday attack,” “You know the order in Sunday comes.” Commander Kalmius goodbye vowed to “finally give Dill pros..atsya.”
On Sunday. Here is a socially important or not important information. I’m a reporter. My business is to tell, “- he wrote.

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