Concert time Machine in Kiev will be free entry

На концерт  Машины времени  в Киеве будет свободный вход

Concert “time Machine” in Kiev will be free entry
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Andrey Makarevich and “the time Machine” will present at the festival MotoOpenFest their main songs. Photo: Oscar JANSONS

The legendary band will be headlining the second MotoOpenFest, which will be held in iuneu

Motorcycle and music has always been associated with the furious speed of life and absolute free. And as the soundtrack in this case, it really would fit any rakosnik in the spirit of AC/DC. You just thought about it: to jump on the “iron horse” and with a squeal of tires to ride off into the sunset. Away from everyday worries and endless routine.

MotoOpenFest does not promise you to solve all problems. But the adrenaline and the smell of burnt rubber can offer head. This year the festival will take place on 16 and 17 June in the Park “Muromets” (recently renamed from the Park of “Friendship of peoples”) and entertainment complex, X-Park. The program features many cheerful guitar music, rides on motorcycles, exhibition of Motovilov and more.

The list of groups on 16 Jun impressive: Belarusians “Give Daroga!”, our brave Kozak System, bullies “citizen of the Jerusalem Artichoke” and promising kiyani W. H. I. T. E, and for a snack a legendary team “the Time Machine”, which poraduet in Kiev for one day and will play on the festival main factors for success.

The second day will perform at least cool team, but their names have yet kept secret.

На концерт  Машины времени  в Киеве будет свободный вход

Andrey Makarevich and “the time Machine” will present at the festival MotoOpenFest their main songs.

The line-up’s leading motorcycle looks worse. Spectators waiting for the open Championships of Kiev:

  • Stunt Battle – kind of Motorsport with the performance of motorcycle stunts on a level road. Among them, the “Willie,” riding on the rear wheel “stoppie” drive on the front and “donuts” – the rotation of the rear wheel in place;
  • Moto Gymkhana is a challenge, which can try anyone with a motorcycle. The essence of competition – with the help of maneuvers to track artificial barriers in the form of cones;
  • Supercross outdoor motocross races with the elements of the FMX show;
  • A huge column of brutal bikers who gather on Khreshchatyk and will pass the huge column to the festival.

If you are not particularly interested in the engines and the strings, then you with a range of other activities. Love to ride, but not on Ukrainian roads – the quest for a jetski on the water surface is ideal. Like and know how to do tricks – pay attention to the competition for Wake-boarding and Cycling trial. Traditional sports? No question. Football, handball, open training in Boxing and cross-fit training in the list of entertainment. But if you have nerves of steel and incredible perseverance – self-similar activities have already started up and waiting for you.

  • When: 16 and 17 June
  • Where: Park “Murom” and entertainment complex X-Park
  • Admission is free.