Confirmed development of a hybrid Porsche 911

German mechanical engineers are developing a hybrid sports car Porsche 911, who will introduce with its next generation. This information is confirmed by the head of Porsche Oliver Blum.



The new generation Porsche 911 will appear to the public in 2019. In the middle of the life cycle of this generation in 2023 or 2024, the Germans will show a hybrid modification of the model.

The head of Porsche said that engineers are working on brand new batteries for a hybrid Porsche 911. These energy will provide a 70-kilometer range solely on electric propulsion.

Earlier it was reported that the Germans refuse to release a hybrid Porsche 911. They explained this by the fact that the combined power plant of the car will significantly increase its mass, and this has a negative impact on the dynamics of a sports car and its handling. In addition, the manufacturer was confident in the success of the Porsche 911 hybrid on the market due to its high cost.

Recently, Porsche announced that in 2019, the brand will bring to market its first electric car, the prototype of which the public is introduced in 2015. Conceptual Porsche Mission E has two electric motors-one on each axle. Their total capacity is 600 horsepower. Armed with this equipment, the car can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds.