Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby throwing flowers

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Two of the best attackers of the national hockey League (NHL) Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers, threw flowers just before their matchup on Wednesday evening in Pennsylvania.

“It’s been good from the start, so it is difficult to become better, but if it is possible, it has made, has said to the media Crosby about the number 97 of the Oilers, a few hours before the meeting. It is so constant. He has found different ways to produce. All facets of his game are dangerous, so it is difficult to stop.”

The centre player of 31 years has a lot of respect for his vis-à-vis 22 years.

“He learns on the job and this is what we need to do. What are the expectations to which he must answer that come with his status, but he does good work and he has continued to learn,” added the captain of the Penguins, who had said last October that McDavid “is in a class of its own”.

McDavid also praise

For its part, the ace of Edmonton has also had good words for the two leaders of the Penguins, Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

“I remember when Crosby and Malkin had just arrived in the league and that it was just young players. And now, are veterans with cuts and a thousand points. It is amazing what they have accomplished,” said the star of the Oilers who played in the minor hockey when these two adversaries have begun to make their mark in the NHL.

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“Time flies,” added McDavid, who has twice won the title of best pointer in the league in just three seasons, the same number as Crosby and Malkin. The latter, however, have won three Stanley cups.

This season, McDavid is the third top scorer in the league with 31 goals and 81 points, while Crosby comes in 16th with 24 achievements and 65 points.