Constitution: the ROCK remains deaf to the calls of Couillard

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The minister responsible for Relations with canadian, Jean-Marc Fournier

The Policy statement of the Québec relations and canadian government Couillard does not allowed to resume the dialogue “about us” : she had to be satisfied with media coverage of marginal in the rest of Canada, reveal documents of the ministère du Conseil exécutif (MCE).


The offensive constitutional tranquil, launched with great fanfare seven months ago, is “at the heart of the activities” of the Quebec Secretariat aux relations canadian, attested to by the MCE in documents disclosed under the act respecting access to documents held by public bodies. It affects ” all “of the employees of this department and” its implementation occupies more particular about seven people “.


But she still has not found the way to make the headlines in the Rest of Canada.


In the week it was launched, the policy of national assertion has had an impact on the media “much larger in Quebec than elsewhere in Canada,” acknowledges the MCE, which has carried out extensive media monitoring.


1 to June 7, 264 media contributions can be distinguished that have focused on this policy. The number, “60 % […] were published in the mass media, based in Quebec,” said the CSM. This is ” vastly superior to the media coverage of the event elsewhere in Canada when one takes into account the demographic weight of Québec within the federation “, stressed the ministry.


In the week of 29 may to 4 June 2017, the “revival of the constitutional debate” by Quebec ranked fifth in the ranking of the winners of the news quebec compiled by Influence Communication. She remained absent from the top 5 canadian.


This quasi-indifference canadian does not, however, the confidence of the minister in charge of Relations with canadian, Jean-Marc Fournier. “The Politics of affirmation of Québec is a long-term approach “, it is argued, on Wednesday, in his office. “Media coverage is an indicator of penetration of the message, but it is far from the only one,” has been said, stressing in particular the reception as “very positive” that the university environment has to be reserved for the project.


A policy of rapprochement ?


Two months before launching the Policy statement of the Quebec, before the outcry sparked by the television series Canada : The Story of Us, Jean-Marc Fournier said hope “repren[dr.] a dialogue about us” from one end of the country to the other.


The CBC, which had produced the show in the context of the 150th of Canada, was then under the fire of criticism for its depiction circumscribed, aboriginal history, its passage under silence of the deportation of the Acadians, and his portrait, reducer of historical figures the French, in particular. “Let’s talk about us ! Are still trying to resume a dialogue so that there’s room for everyone “, was suggested by the minister.


The day of the feast of Canada, he published an open letter in which he referred to his policy of nationalist affirmation of the ” proposal for reconciliation “. “The objective of this new dialogue is to establish greater solidarity in economic, social and cultural between the citizens of Quebec and those from elsewhere in Canada and to be better acquainted to better recognize,” he wrote.


Except that this approximation is not reflected in the media. Moreover, these have mostly been informed in French of the new constitutional approach of Quebec. The MCE has sent 150 copies francophones of its policy — holding on 194 pages for journalists. Only ten documents written in English have been sent to representatives of the media.


Shrug in Canada


On the political scene outside of Quebec, and the reception has been frosty. By date of 27 November 2017, the leaders of seven of the thirteen provinces and territories of the country had not reacted to the initiative of québec, according to the MCE. The department has so designated “no reaction” to British Columbia, l’île-du-Prince-Édouard, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, the northwest Territories and the Yukon.


Two months earlier, on 27 September, the government is finalising the launch of’ units of relations canadian ” within each of québec government departments, so that they can consolidate the relations with the rest of Canada in their sectors.


The MCE has also sent three copies of its policy statement to the leaders of the First Nations and Inuit of Canada, and this, in spite of the space given to indigenous in the document. The MCE has not reviewed the reactions of various indigenous leaders in the country. It has, however, listed a section of the television Network of indigenous peoples in its press review.


Favourable reception among academics


Where the Policy statement of the Québec relations and the canadian has received a favourable reception, it is within academia, found the MCE, who welcomes the “clear commitment” to academic exchange on the subject.


“In sum, the university shows a real commitment to dialogue and ownership the contents of the Policy. However, their support remains known only in the academic environment, with a few exceptions, ” said the ministry.


In an output media that he had organized on 5 October, Jean-Marc Fournier was delighted to see that, ” among the thinkers, there is an interest to resume the reflection on the subject “. “There’s a lot of invitations in the academic world, the reception is very good,” he attested, listing the canadian universities he had visited.


“Do you think that your approach to the lack of media attention ?” she had asked the journalists called on the spot. “I do not expect that there is a lot of media attention. I do not solicit a lot of media attention, ” was responded to by the minister.


With Dave Christmas