Controversial dress Ksenia Sobchak caused a wave of discussions

At the annual awards ceremony from the popular Glamour magazine Ksenia Sobchak, preparing to join the presidential race, appeared in the controversial outfit. Her dress, made in the form of a large bow, also resembles the tied curtains, caused a wave of discussions.


The with a controversial outfit appeared in the account Sobchak in the micro-blogging network Instagram, where in the opinion of its subscribers is fundamentally diverged. One of the fans of the socialite left in the comments praise on such a fancy outfit, talking about its uniqueness and distinctiveness. Others, not understanding the idea of the designer, left in the comments under the photo of poignant feedback on unsuccessful outfit. Some users have compared the dress Sobchak with curtains that simply bandaged it, and other people noticing is not a very good background on which stood Xenia, called her “the Queen of foils”.


It is worth noting that, despite the mixed opinion among subscribers Sobchak, the entry with photo for 14 hours had to evaluate more than 45 thousand people. In the caption to the photo Sobchak left a message in which he thanked Maria Fedorova for conducting a beautiful ceremony. Socialite also said that this dress was made by the Moscow Studio Easer Abner.