Costco: citizens want a disconnected plateau

In the offices of the boroughs of Jacques-Cartier and Rock Forest-Saint-Élie-Deauville, citizens were asked to express their views on the zoning changes required to move Costco from King Street West to the Saint Joseph Plateau. In Jacques-Cartier, a dozen people had moved. At Rock Forest, only one citizen spoke.

“The plateau was enclosed. We could consider extending the Jean-Paul-Perrault street, “summed up Pierre Avard, saying he was in favor of the project.

Jean-Luc Lepitre abounded in the same direction. “At 5 pm, the traffic on Prospect is terrible. If Costco is added to the set, our beautiful Prospect Street will suffer from congestion. The main access to the plateau would have to come from Portland, not Prospect. The City should look at the road implications of the project before being imposed by the proponent. ”

Denis Pellerin also feared that the addition of two streets leading to Mgr-Fortier Boulevard would cause traffic problems.

“That’s why the proponent will have to do a traffic study. He must make sure to respect the regulatory distance between the two intersections. The traffic study will show us the best ways to do it, “says Lise Dubord, Assistant Director of the Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Department at the City of Sherbrooke.

Councilor Marc Denault is also raising traffic problems on Prospect Street and would like the City to do its own traffic study. “People in the Saint-Charles-Garnier area want to ensure that there will not be too much transit in their area. At least it could be attached to the plateau with a bike path. ”

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Her colleague Christine Ouellet recalled her opposition to the project. “I want to bring a more comprehensive, long-term vision. I was not convinced that the development plan had to be opened. We have a plan to reduce greenhouse gases. I do not think that will be achieved by increasing fuel consumption on our territory. We talk about bike paths, but I can not imagine people going to do their groceries at Costco by bike. ”

In the case of Rock Forest, Councilor Bruno Vachon reported that the citizen present questioned traffic and the bike network, but that she seemed reassured by the addition of a taxiway attached to Boulevard Mgr-Fortier.

A consultation on modifications to the development plan for the same project will be held on Wednesday at 7 pm at City Hall.