Costco: Sherbrooke must set its conditions

The Regional Environmental Council of the Eastern Townships (CREE) followed the move of the Costco to the Plateau St-Joseph. The City of Sherbrooke has now pronounced itself, authorizing another “commercial island” that runs counter to sustainable development. However, failing to refuse this derogation for reasons of principle, it could at least negotiate certain elements to make this project a little less focused on an obsolete mentality of development.

(…) Costco and the Plateau Saint-Joseph are all examples of sustainable development. These large, isolated areas, built according to the self, encourage over-consumption. In addition, oversized parking lots create significant heat islands and hamper local commercial development. (…)

Costco is eager to install its new warehouse and 24 petrol stations in this closed area. According to the CREE, an environmental reflection should accompany the development of this project. How many terminals for electric vehicles will be installed? How many parking spaces for greener vehicles? What are the guidelines for the huge heat islands and additional runoff surfaces that will be created? Did the City request commitments from the proponent to open this unplanned space in the development plan? Has the impact of a possible increase in GHG emissions been assessed by increasing visits to gas stations? To our knowledge, no one has yet raised these sustainable development issues.

We believe that in all projects (…) it should be possible to identify a proactive approach to sustainable development. It is our view that these considerations should be upstream of such projects and that it is the responsibility of elected representatives to ensure that mechanisms are put in place to reduce the negative impacts of development projects on the environment and The very fact, on the citizens. To this end, we welcome the choice of the Chair of the Environment Committee, Christine Ouellet, for voting against the resolution. If sustainable development is a real concern for the City of Sherbrooke, elected officials must mention it and act in a coherent way.

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(…) A vacant space will be left at the current location of Costco. It would be interesting for the proponent and the City to reflect on what could emerge as a sustainable development for this waterfront. (…)

Jacinthe Caron,

regional Council

Of the Estrie environment