Couillard incense Sébastien Jacques in a video

The goal of Sébastien Jacques, when he left Magog, was simply to carry a message of hope and help at least one person to overcome an ordeal. Not only does he receive daily messages from people inspired by his long march and he gives frequent interviews to the media, he has also managed to attract the attention of Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard.

In a video that is found on Sébastien Jacques’s website, M. Couillard testifies to the Magogois “admiration” and assures him of his support. “What you’re doing demonstrates that when you hit a wall in life, when you have a harder time, you can get up and go even further,” says the Prime Minister.

The former doctor is all the more interested in the project of the Magogois that he himself has long worked as a neurosurgeon. In this regard, it should be noted that the former hope of Canadian tennis has undergone a very delicate surgical intervention to the brain in 2015. The operation in question allowed him to resume a normal life after several difficult years in health .

“You have a big impact on young people, everywhere, who follow you and who sometimes live in difficult situations in their lives. You hit a whole storm, a whole wave and you stayed on course. You have transformed your journey into something more interesting, “says Philippe Couillard.

And that is not all, since the Prime Minister even invites Sébastien Jacques to come and see him once he has completed his walk of more than 5,000 kilometers in Quebec and the United States.

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Obviously, Sébastien Jacques is delighted to have received such a message from Mr. Couillard.