The Council of EU foreign ministers discuss the situation in Ukraine

Catherine Ashton
Catherine Ashton

In Milan today begins an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers chaired by the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton.
As a briefing in Brussels spokesman Ashton Kosyanchych Maya, one of the main issues of the two-day meeting will be the situation in Ukraine.
According Kosyanchych, the EU reiterates support for “a political solution to the crisis that we must urgently look with full respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.”
Informal meetings of this kind, called “Anthem” by the eponymous castle of the XIV century in Germany for the first time in 1974 there was an informal Council of Foreign Ministers, held every six months the mandate for each of the next head of the EU in the territory of his country. “Anthem” takes 29-30 August 2014 Italy., Said “Interfax-Ukraine”.

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