Council of Europe urges the authorities of Belarus to release detained journalists

Совет Европы призывает власти Белоруссии освободить задержанных журналистов

The Council of Europe addressed the Belarusian authorities with a call to release journalists detained today. This is stated in the statement of the representative of the COE Secretary General.

“We were informed about the searches and arrests in some of the most outstanding Belarusian media. This information is a serious concern of the Council of Europe”, – stated in the document.

Representatives of the Council of Europe believe that any arrests should be made only if there is good justification, and call for the release of journalists.

“Moreover, some of those involved – our old partners, known as high-level professionals. The law must be observed, however, the investigation does not always require arrests to be used as the final tool. We therefore call on the Belarusian investigative bodies to ensure quick and transparent investigation. We also urge the release of all imprisoned journalists. Freedom of media is one of the most important human rights in a democratic society. It should be respected everywhere in Europe,” – say in the Council.

As a reminder, tonight at 7:00 am law enforcers came with a search warrant to the editor In addition, searches were conducted at the Agency “BelaPAN”, as well as the journalist of the Agency “BelaPAN” Tatyana Korovenkova. The result has been detained the chief editor of the online publication Marina Zolotova, editor of the news Anna Kaltygina and journalist of the Agency “BelaPAN” Tatiana Korovenkova. Later it became known about detention of four employees – Uliana Bobed, Galina Vlasic, Dmitry Bobryk and Anna Ermachenok. Detainees suspected of hacking into the website of state news Agency “BelTA”.

Note that is the largest independent Belarusian web-portal, covering 42% of all Internet users Belarus.

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