Craftsman from Krasnoufimsk their hands assembles mini tractors

Krasnoufimsk in the Urals in the agricultural College the Eugene Permyakov, who is free from teaching, assembles mini tractors. It should be noted that the inventor uses the means at hand, however, this does affect neither the appearance nor the performance of the equipment.

The first mini-tractor craftsman from the Urals have created four years ago using found in the garage of unnecessary detail, and asked around from friends, Eugene found a few more parts. In the end, finding the dustbin wheel, it’s time to assemble the vehicle. The result surprised all, because the tractor was no worse than the conveyor, identical with the big machines.

His first invention Evgeny Permyakov sold, and the proceeds collected another instance. In the end, now the handyman has been working for over a fifth mini-tractor. It is worth emphasizing that all machines are unique and perform various functions, and the Creator of the machines notes that will soon begin Assembly of the sixth of a tractor with a more powerful engine.