Craig David, hetero or gay ? “All this is nonsense,”

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Photo of Craig David. June 2017.

The british singer, single, looking to start a family.

The stars are the subject of countless rumors, transient or persistent. This is the case of Craig David, who was suspected since the beginning of his career to hide his homosexuality. The interested party has finally reacted : “that is insane” !

Thursday, 12 October, Craig David was the special guest on the podcast “Weird Life”, recorded for The Sun. Notably, he responded to questions about his sexuality, which are of insistent suspicion. Heterosexual or gay ? The british singer 36-year-old will finally explains.

I shouldn’t have to declare ‘No, I’m gay’ !

“I leave things very open because, in the end, I shouldn’t have to declare ‘No, I’m heterosexual’, because all that is nonsense,” lance Craig David in Weird Life. I think it is obvious in my songs and the way I’m talking about relationships… people can think what they want.”

The famous performer of the song Seven Days, then asked to that he wants to start a family : “I would love to have children. I think I would be a very good father and that I would have a lot of common sense to share.”

Craig David has millions of fans in the United Kingdom and in the world. So many pretenders to the artist recently saw the BRIT Awards.

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