Crazy in love for almost 70 years

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CRABTREE | A couple of octogenarians from the Lanaudière region, who met in adolescence, was able to survive the test of time in spite of two cancers.

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“We are able to understand each other without talking, and we sometimes say the same matter at the same time “, underlines Jacques Éthier, today aged 83.

He illustrates this ” telepathy “, as he calls it, by giving the example that he manages to propose a dinner at the restaurant and that his wife replied that she was going to just ask him the same thing.

Simone Riopel was 13 years old when she met Jacques Éthier for the first time, in 1951. She was then exceptionally the bus while she was a boarder at the convent of the municipality of Rawdon.

“It was proposed to me to bring my suitcase to the convent when I landed at Rawdon “, remembers the lady who is now 80 years old, watching her husband tenderly reminded him that she had politely refused.

Jacques Ethier, then 15 years old, was however resident external, to which it sent the message to greet them almost every day.

And at Christmas, he was waiting for Simone at the closing to pick up her suitcase.

“When I saw his eyes, I said to myself : “I’ll have to be quick if I don’t want to lose it” “, he says taking her by the hand when they visit the Log at the couple’s home, in Crabtree, near Joliette.

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During the day of the wedding, on September 2, 1957.

His guardian angel

20 years ago, Simone has become his ” guardian angel “, while he was fighting against a cancer of the bladder.

He was sometimes hesitant when his wife told him that they had to go to the hospital.

“The doctor told my wife not to ask me, but decide, tells of one who has worked in a pulp and paper mill for 40 years. “Rely on your guardian angel”, he said. “

This was the same thing when he fought a cancer of the lymph nodes in 2009.

“I went through two cancers with it “, he adds.

Three boys (Luc, Michel and Claude) were born of their union.

“We used to go out a lot with children and it has helped keep our marriage strong,” said Simone, who has been with the mother at home when the children were young.

The couple today has five grandsons and five great-grandchildren, including a set of twins.

Lovers love to also go to regularly to shop in Joliette, Repentigny and even in Mirabel.

“It is he who chooses my clothes, he knows my sizes, and, at times, I find he buys too much, details Simone as a joke. The vendors like it more than me. “

No bickering

The man and the woman also mention that they would be separated often if they had abandoned it for everything and for nothing.

“There have been periods of boudage, but there is more in the past 10 years because we don’t want to lose the good time that’s left,” says James, the more seriously the world.

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Michel Ethier, the youngest of the family, confirms that his brothers and him have never witnessed a fight between their parents.

“My father looks at her with wondering eyes 60 years later. My parents have always been complicit, ” he says without hesitation.

Die together

Also lovers of life, the two lovebirds do not live one without the other in a day.

“I’ve known for 13 years. If Jacques, I want to leave with him “, wishes to Simone.

“I still need it and we want to die together one day,” adds her husband.

The secrets of their success

The lovers met by The Newspaper ont entrusted the secrets of the longevity of their marriage.

1. It is necessary to share common interests. For them, it was “the snowmobile, the culinary tastes, travel,” according to Jacques Ethier and Simone Riopel. They play cards every Monday evening with forty older people.

2. Go out and do things each on their side : “Our love would not have lasted if it had always been locked up, just the two of us in the house. I like to be with him, but I need to see other people, ” says Simone Riopel.