Created iPhone X with diamonds at the price of apartments in Moscow

Russian Caviar brand, producing exclusive smartphones interspersed with rare non-ferrous metals and gems, has announced the creation of a special version of the flagship device Apple iPhone X, which is decorated with diamonds worth 2.4 million rubles. Experts say that for such money quite really to buy an apartment in a good area of Moscow.


Smartphone cost equal to the price of one-bedroom apartments in the capital of Russia, was announced in the line of “Treasure of Russia”, which includes gadgets with the Russian state symbols. Official representatives of the company Caviar said that the gadget is worth more than two million rubles is made on the unique technology with 344 diamonds, symbolizing black caviar – symbol of wealth in Russia, as well as the Crown of the Emperor, made interspersed with many precious stones. Model dedicated to the symbols of the Russian Federation, will be produced in a single instance. The cost of the smartphone is so high because of the uniqueness of the product and fine jewellery techniques and expensive materials.


It is worth noting that Caviar recently announced a line of iPhone smartphones, dedicated space in which the gadgets were made using rare metals such as white gold, platinum, traditional gold, but also particles of real meteorite from Mars and particles of lunar rocks.