Crimean mistakenly allowed to Finland for Russian passports, the Ambassador

Крымчан ошибочно пустили в Финляндию по российским паспортам, - посол

Two residents of the occupied Crimea issued Finnish visas in Russian passports and ushered in Finland. According to Ukraine’s Ambassador to Finland Andriy Olefirov, it happened by mistake, reports “Radio Freedom”.

“It seems to me that these citizens first allowed to Finland on a tourist visa via the human factor: every year the consulates in Saint Petersburg give up to one million Schengen visas. Legislation that prohibits issuing visas to such persons, of course, is just the good will of the member countries of the European Union in response to the appeal of the Ukrainian side”, – said the Ambassador.

Olefirov added that the last resort in such matters – not the Consulate and immigration authority, which already in the country checks the documents of visitors.

“When the Finnish migration authorities realized, came from these persons and that this is the series of documents issued in Crimea, they went to the advice of our foreign office. All Crimeans are considered citizens of Ukraine to exit the citizenship”, – summed up the diplomat.

Note that on July 27, the Russian news Agency RBK reported that spouses Natalia Kushnarenko and Mikhail Careful, could face deportation from Finland to the Ukraine for the fact that their Russian passports, they got annexed by Moscow in the Crimea.

In Finland, the family arrived in September 2017 on a tourist visa obtained at the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg. After arrival they registered the company and filed documents for receiving residence permit. As a result, spouses have received from the Finnish authorities document, which noted that the country does not recognize passports issued in the annexed Crimea.

As reported, the Russian officer with JCCC for three years denied entry to Ukraine for the illegal visit to the Crimea.

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