Crisis in Myanmar: Bob Rae can barely describe the extent of the damage

Photo: A.M. Ahad Associated Press
In its periodic report, Bob Rae draws particular attention on the plight of women.

According to the special envoy of Canada to the refugee crisis the rohingya, it is difficult to describe the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.


Bob Rae has published its periodic report Thursday on the crisis, which has seen hundreds of thousands of muslim rohingyas flee Myanmar into neighbouring Bangladesh to escape the repression of the security forces.


According to the periodic report of the special envoy, the refugee camps are ” overcrowded and pose a threat to health and life itself “.


Earlier this year, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has asked the former premier of Ontario and former interim leader of the liberal Party to go to Bangladesh, in order to investigate and advise on this humanitarian crisis, described by the United Nations, as a campaign of ethnic cleansing.


Bob Rae has also met a number of leaders and non-governmental organizations of the region.


In its periodic report, the plight of the women attracts particular attention, while Bob Rae says he has heard, on the part of women who are made in Bangladesh, detailed accounts and explicit about sexual violence and abuse perpetrated by the Myanmar army.


Bob Rae has stated that these stories in particular of sexual violence as a weapon of war and there is clear evidence of trauma, sexual among women who survived.


“A targeted effort to resolve this problem is needed,” the report says.


“Seeing these printed words, I realize how the words are inadequate to express the extent of the damage and the trauma suffered by women and girls among the refugees rohingya. “


More resources

Bob Rae has stated that the international community needs to be involved in the resolution of this crisis, and that additional resources are needed.


“The international community needs to address these allegations of crimes against humanity, and the survivors need help for post-traumatic stress disorder “.


The Council of human rights of the United Nations has created a mission of inquiry to assess the treatment of the Rohingya, but the Myanmar authorities had refused access to persons designated by the UN and they have not been allowed to meet with representatives of the government or the army.


The investigation of what happened needs to be “rigorous and methodical” and she must collect evidence and examine events that have occurred in recent years, the report says, which also mentions that Canada should remain involved in this international work ” important “.


The humanitarian organization Doctors without borders (MSF) said last week, that according to their survey conducted on the ground, at least 6 700 muslim rohingya, victims of repression, had been killed between the months of August and September.


The humanitarian groups accuse the government and the army to be reluctant to investigate possible crimes committed by government officials.


They called on Myanmar to accept the help of international investigators.


The Myanmar army said Monday in a statement that legal proceedings would be brought against the perpetrators of the crimes.


Bob Rae indicated that he had the intention to return to Bangladesh at the beginning of the year 2018 in order to continue this ” difficult mission “. He also plans to have more discussions with leaders of Myanmar, Bangladesh and international organizations, before preparing its final report and recommendations.