Crisis manager Bogdan Yulyk only road builders in Ukraine without debt

DSCN0603-270x300The management of the Road in the Ternopil region at the end of the year managed to pay off almost 30 millions in debts “Ternopil Avtodor”. This fact this year caused numerous protests road builders, which mainly fueled by politicians at various levels. Also, as of December 27 regional head SAD region Bogdan Yulyku managed to recover five-time, three-day instead.
It should be noted that the debt in ten million gathered during the previous leadership of the Road. The new head office Yulyka Bogdan, who was appointed in April, higher authorities in Kiev put first priority pay off debt and keep the company afloat jurisdiction.
Recall that in the first days in office, Mr. Yulyk experienced repeated, as already noted, politicians provoked protests. Many skeptics and “corruptible journalists” believed that he could not solve the problems that occurred at the time – wage arrears Road – over 4 months, debts to the state enterprise SE “Ternopil Oblavtodor” for completed its work – 27 mln. USD. , A three-day working week. As head of the service roads Bogdan Yulyk promised that by year’s end will correct the situation.
“As of 29/12/2014 p. Wage arrears in the road sector Ternopil – no debts to the state for work performed now amount to 27 million. USD. redeemed, restored full week for business traffic areas – provided the following response from Ukravtodor our journalistic inquiry. – It is the pride of the fact that the Ternopil region is the only region in Ukraine that no arrears of wages Road. ”
The Service roads can already hear the opinion that the future of our country need to bring to so young as crisis managers Yulyk Bohdan not involved in populism and justify confidence in results.

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