CRS recognized the constitutional abolition of the allowance for child care up to three years

КСУ признал конституционной отмену пособия по уходу за ребенком до трех лет

The constitutional court declared constitutional the abolition of the allowance for child care until the age of 3 years and a reduction in the size of the aid at his birth, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

The COP considered the constitutional representation of 50 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada about constitutionality of the provisions of paragraph 7 of section 2 of the law “On prevention of financial catastrophe and creating prerequisites for economic growth in Ukraine.”

These provisions provided for the reduction of material assistance at the birth of the second and third child and to establish a uniform amount of social assistance at birth of children in the amount of 41 thousand 280 hryvnias.

Was also abolished the care allowance for a child under the age of three. The authors of the constitutional submission considered that the contested provisions of the law narrows the constitutional right to social protection of citizens.

The COP was looking at this case from 15 December 2015.

The court noted in its decision that the constitutional rights of social protection refers only the right to receive a pension.

The COP noted that financial assistance for child care is a subsidiary of state aid and has a stimulating value.

At the same time, the court emphasizes that these types of assistance not specified in the Constitution and has obviously been adopted by Parliament to save the financial abilities of Ukraine in difficult economic situation.

The norm of the law “On prevention of financial catastrophe and creating conditions for economic growth” on the abolition of benefits for child care entered into force on 1 July 2014.

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