Cruise: a luxury innovator

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Among the first that make their appearance on the Celebrity Edge, the more visible is the Magic Carpet (magic carpet), a platform colour tangerine 30 metres long and six metres wide, visible from very far away. Hanging on the right side of the ship, above the sea, it works like an elevator on four different bridges and became, according to its position, a bar, a terrace, a restaurant, or a boat landing.

To those who are concerned about the risks that her weight be to switch the ship, no danger, says the company, which has studied more than 100 scenarios before going forward.

The restaurant Eden offers an interactive world and mysterious setting
featuring the Goddess of the moon.

Another first, the disappearance of the traditional and huge dining room, replaced here by four restaurants of lesser dimension. If each of them takes up the same menu at 80 %, they offer great variations and a different decor. There are also seven specialty restaurants including the Eden, mary kitchen and spectacle of theater and circus, and The Little Chef, where guests are entitled to projections by the cartoons on their plate before being served.

Luxurious Services

This is in addition to five coffee shops, steakhouses or buffets, 11 bars and lounges, as well as two restaurants reserved for suites exclusive : the luminæ lab, with its custom menus from michelin-starred chef Cornelius Gallagher, and the Blu.

The spa at the Celebrity Edge.

Of course, there is also a casino, a nightclub, a concert hall on two floors, a theatre, a spa, a fitness centre, a “Rooftop Garden” (outdoor garden with more than 150 tropical plant species), a workspace, a play area for children and two swimming pools, including the Solarium adults-only. This, without forgetting The Retreat, the resort reserved for the passengers of the 174 “exclusive suites” (on ships of the past, one would have said the ” first class “) and with a swimming pool and hot tub, a café, a private lounge and restaurant luminæ lab.

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  • During its inaugural season, the ship will offer itineraries of seven nights in the Caribbean from the East and the West. In the spring of 2019, it will cross the Atlantic to sail, from seven to eleven nights in the Mediterranean.
  • Cost : from $ 1,600 CDN per person for cruises in the Caribbean, for an inside cabin. This price includes the choice between a credit of US $ 150 on board, a drinks package, unlimited internet or gratuities.
  • The application of Celebrity Edge Access Tour (available on App Store and Google Play) allows you to visit the most emblematic places of the ship.
  • Celebrity Edge will be joined by its sister ship, the Celebrity Apex, in 2020. Two other vessels of the series, Edge will follow in 2021 and 2022.
  • Celebrity Cruises will invest more than US $ 500 million, by 2023, to renovate its fleet. Nicknamed Celebrity Revolution, the project includes a refresh of the cabins and public areas aboard nine ships and Celebrity in order to raise their level of luxury to the class Edge.