Cruise: the new star of the Caribbean

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida | for nearly four years, all lovers of cruises are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the vessel in the Celebrity Edge, announced to great fanfare. Hold it to its promises to revolutionize the experience at sea ? Invited to the discover, we have been able to see that the promises were kept.

Clearly, the Celebrity Edge will become the star of the Caribbean sea. Its unique design, entirely turned toward the sea, its facilities using the cutting-edge of technology, refinement and elegance come to transform the world of cruises.

The new Celebrity Edge to his arrival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

While aviation companies strive to we cram in like sardines and multiply irritants, Celebrity, a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean, takes the bet on the opposite and makes us enter into the golden age of cruises. In fact, if you have enough time, it seems much more pleasant to cross the Atlantic ocean aboard such a vessel is that aboard a plane, and this, at a lesser price than business class.

Elegance and refinement

This ship is like no other and, even if the cruise experience will recognize some of the inspirations, they are minimal and have been improved. Its clean design, designed to let a huge place, outdoor light, available in palettes of white, grey, taupe and ocean blue.

Long 306 meters wide and 39 meters, the Edge has 16 decks, of which 14 passenger decks, but has only 1467 cabins that can accommodate 2918 passengers.

The Solarium and the swimming-pool reserved for adults.

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These last consist mostly of suites as the “Infinity Verandas” (about 900), of which the balcony has been transformed into a canopy with a window that can be lowered, that there was not until now that on the most luxurious cruise ships river. There are also two ” Iconic Suites “, just above the wheelhouse, which offers an incredible space. Finally, for the first time in sea, one discovers six ” Edge Villas (88 m2), real apartments on two levels.

Each of the steps of this ship was first performed in 3D which helped to refine every detail. It took more than four years of planning and 23 months of construction to the Shipyards of the Atlantic in Saint-Nazaire, France.

First ship Celebrity for the last six years and the first of the Class Edge, he becomes the symbol, it is turned towards the future.

The Villa Edge, an apartment on two levels with a private deck on board the Celebrity Edge.

Technology ubiquitous

Ship the most technological of the fleet, Royal Caribbean, and probably in the sea, the Celebrity Edge uses all the tools available. It begins at registration with the download of an application. On arrival at the new Terminal 25 in Port Everglades, Florida, this last will allow facial recognition. Called ” Expedited Arrival “, this registration process allows you to go from the parking lot to his cabin in less than 10 minutes.

During the cruise, this application will serve as the key, of GPS to detect on the ship, we will provide access to activities, update our calendar, will be used for messaging with our loved ones and will even allow them to control their environment (lights, curtains, tv, heating of the cabin).

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A sponsor who stands out

While, to baptize their new ships, the companies typically employ actresses famous or princesses, the Celebrity Edge instead chose Malala Yousafzai, Pakistan 21 years old, activist of women’s rights, the victim of an assassination attempt in 2012, an icon of the struggle for the emancipation of young girls through education and Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.