Custom plate: dismissed by his province, Assman is displayed on his pickup truck

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MELVILLE, Saskatchewan – Denied by the insurance company of the government of Saskatchewan has refused her request for personalized plate, a citizen of Melville has taken major steps to make sure they have the last word.

Dave Assman hoped to be able to proudly display its family name on the license plate of his van. Unfortunately for him, the government rejected his request, under the pretext that it is “offensive” and “in bad taste”, were reported on several media.

However, Assman – pronounced ossmen, is indeed the family name of Dave. The latter was recently tried, for a second time, to be able to get a plate to his name, without success.

Question to have the last word, Dave Assman has, therefore, decided to write his surname in a letter giant on the tailgate of his white van, with the name of his province over and his motto – ” Land of Living Skies – below, transforming into a huge plate.

The citizen tenacious has explained his motivations on his page Facebook. “There are too many sensitive souls who feel offended for nothing,” he argued, pointing out that show his family name and not illegal and does no harm to anyone.

Challenged by a visitor, the insurance company has briefly responded via his Twitter account, stressing that “all is well that ends well” in a short message accompanied by a guy smile.

This is not the first time that a personalized plate raises a debate around the name of its owner. In Nova Scotia, Lorne Grabher leads in the last few years fighting against his government to be able to retrieve his plate, which had his family name of German origin.

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