Czech Republic after the US opens Consulate in Jerusalem

Чехия вслед за США откроет консульство в Иерусалиме

Czech Republic after the US opens Consulate in Jerusalem
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Andrew Babish, Photo:

Diplomatic representation should appear by the end of may.

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish promised his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu to open the Jerusalem Consulate. In addition, the head of the government plans to open the Czech house in Israel. This is stated in his letter to Netanyahu, published on Twitter.

– I am glad that the Czech Republic will reopen its honorary Consulate in Jerusalem to the end of may. I’ll also be happy if we manage to open the Czech house as a space for Czech-Israeli cultural, trade and interpersonal exchange in Jerusalem by the end of this year, the letter says.




14 may the United States opened its Embassy in Jerusalem. Prior to this diplomatic mission was located in tel Aviv. Israel has for years insisted on the transfer of own capital to Jerusalem.

At the same time, the UN General Assembly voted in favor of the non-recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The decision was supported by 128 countries, 35 abstained. Before the vote, U.S. permanent representative Nikki Haley said that Washington will open its Embassy in Jerusalem and no decision of the organization is not affected.


Should Ukraine on the example of the United States to move the Embassy to Jerusalem

Ukraine in this situation are in a difficult position. Kiev will have to choose between the United States and strained relations with the Arab world. On the one hand, States – the main ally of Kiev and the Ukrainian delegation attended the opening ceremony of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem. And to spoil the relations of Kiev with Israel, which is the main US ally in the region is also fraught with negative consequences.