“Daddy Monkey”: an Elderly Chinese man of 20 years takes care of a huge family of Tibetan macaques

In a colorful gorge in southwest China’s elderly lover of monkeys for 20 years, takes care of Tibetan monkeys.

Dorgali for 70 years, 20 of which he voluntarily and constantly takes care of primates. Every day he overcomes a path of 5 kilometers to feed a huge family. Initially he took care of 50 individuals, and now they have about 3 thousand. Sick animals he takes her to his house where treats them and takes care. The neighbors called the man “daddy monkey”, to which he never offended, after all, cherishes love and affection macaques.

According to Gabriela in China care about the monkeys and giving them food. However, because of the age he soon won’t be able to care for their Pets and hopes that his business will continue to sons.

Tibetan macaques along with pandas and tigers are considered a national treasure of China.