Dancing with the stars 8 : The system of votes changed at the last minute !

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New change.

Dancing with the stars 8, the season of all the changes, even last minute !

At the end of September, the French tv channel TF1 announced that the system of voting had been completely redesigned. And discovered that the public would not vote in favour of the candidate of his choice, regardless of the notes he received, throughout the evening. The press release for the show explained that only the three least good candidates would be submitted to the votes of viewers. But two days before the launch, the production has reviewed this new rule.

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“As soon as the second episode, the viewer will be able to intervene in the final standings. In effect, the judges will note the personalities throughout the evening. At the end of all the benefits, we will know the ranking of the judges and it was not until the end that viewers can vote for their most popular celebrity and thus upset the classification”, can we read. Nothing will therefore be played until the last moment.

Recall that a facilitator iconic TF1 will co-program with Sandrine Quétier every Saturday. Laurence Boccolini, Jean-Pierre Foucault, Nikos Aliagas, Arthur, Christophe Beaugrand, Denis Brogniart, Christophe Dechavanne, Karine Ferri, Jean-Luc Reichmann and Carole Rousseau have been chosen for this role. Change also on the side of the jury, since Nicolas Archambault replaces Marie-Claude Pietragalla and thus joined Fauve Hautot, Chris Marks, and Jean-Marc Généreux. And the dancers have welcomed three new : Hajiba Fahmy, Anthony Colette and Jordan Mouillerac.

Finally, new events and new themes will be at the rendez-vous. We discover, for example, “the family choice”, an event during which a close to each personality will have the difficult task of choosing a dance. It could even be that he danced to his side.

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