Daniel Cohn-Bendit offers in Quebec to join the european Union

Mario Beauregard
Daniel Cohn-Bendit

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And if Quebec left Canada to join the european Union? For Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a former member of the european parliament and of figure of the French policy, this idea would be the only “solution” for the province, if it “wants to be independent.”

Leave the canadian federation, with no alternative, would make no sense, argues the ex-leader of the movement of May 68 in France. In Montreal for a series of conferences on the future of the european Union (EU) after the election of Emmanuel Macron, Daniel Cohn-Bendit shows himself perplexed by the case of a new referendum to ask for the independence of Quebec, after those of 1980 and 1995, won by the “no”camp.

“I do not believe that independence is a good solution, explains to Metro, the ex-member of the european parliament. If Quebec wants to be independent, then he has to fight to become a member State of the EU. It is necessary to go to the end of the idea.”

According to the Franco-German born in 1945, the globalization would not allow Quebec to be placed on the world stage. “The province of Quebec, alone, can not survive in the world today, he argues. Small is not always beautiful. It is very hard, and Quebec will not have kidneys.”

“The world today is much more complex and difficult. There is not that independence or federalism. The third voice for Quebec, it is the EU.” – Daniel Cohn-Bendit

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“Interesting debate”
Born in France of jewish parents-the German forced to flee nazi Germany during the Second world War, Daniel Cohn-Bendit cite “a joke jewish”, showing his “vision of life”. “When you have two options, always choose the third one,” resumed he, before you make the parallel with a request expressed by the Parti québécois in the event of electoral victory in the fall of 2018.

“The referendum will be lost if there is no third possibility, imagine-t-it. With this in mind, it would mean that the secessionists define their will to break with the Canada for certain reasons, with the understanding that the State of Quebec in itself is not a perspective.”

Claiming to be ready to defend this idea with this former colleagues in the european parliament, Daniel Cohn-Bendit suggests a potential “interesting debate” who would “go back the more intelligently the sentence a bit simplistic of General de Gaulle [Vive le Québec libre!]” pronounced on the balcony of the Montreal city hall on July 24, 1967.

While admitting, with a smile, “to be the only one in the world to defend” this idea, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, ardent and eternal defender of Europe, highlights the advantages, in his eyes, of such an approximation. “Europe, it is stronger than the Canada. It is a much more secure, ” proclaims the ex-member of the ecology party French. Europe is the largest economic area of the planet. Europe, it is a umbrella, a space which secures the member States and allows States, societies to better assert their autonomy.”

The PQ is not convinced
Called upon to respond to these remarks, the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée remains “convinced, as millions of Quebec, the country of Quebec can make its place on the world stage, in particular because of our economy, human and social development, as well as our innovative strength”.

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“Naturally we respect our partners in the european Union, but the desire for independence fits in to our brand in North America and around the world,” says Bruno-Pierre Cyr, press secretary of the leader of the official opposition.