Daniel John denies being behind a conspiracy theory

Daniel Jean nie être derrière une théorie du complot

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OTTAWA | The government source who has launched several media on the trail of a conspiracy of india against the prime minister Justin Trudeau during his trip to this country, argued Monday that his comments were misinterpreted.

The national security adviser, Daniel John suspected always “a coordinated effort” of being behind the “false information” according to which the canadian government was aware of the presence of Jaspal Atwal, a former sikh extremist convicted in Canada, at an official reception for the trip of the prime minister.

In the Room, Justin Trudeau later claimed to believe in the version that India was trying to embarrass Canada.

Daniel John support today that “an effort of disinformation orchestrated” has indeed taken place, but did not come from the government of india. He believes, rather, to ” private citizens or of the elements of the indian government who have acted without authorization. “

The presence of Mr Atwal had caused a great embarrassment during the official visit of Canada in India.

A liberal mp from British Columbia, Randeep Sarai, apologized for inviting Mr. Atwal. The ex-prisoner had just been removed from the black list of persons banned in India.

Mr. John was heard Monday before the standing Committee on public safety and national security, after the opposition had claimed this appearance for over a month.

The conservatives have even forced a marathon of votes from more than 20 hours in the Room to this end.

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