Danila Kozlovsky will play a vampire in the series about Nicholas II

Danila Kozlovsky will again appear before the audience in the form of a vampire. The role of the bloodsucker he plays in the fantasy series about the Romanov dynasty “Karamora”. The new series will be broadcast on channel TV-3. In the Director’s chair sits a famous music video Director Ilya Naishuller.


Based on your description of the future of the series, the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Natalia Polonskaya again have to fight. But if “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel folk darling was outraged by the melodramatic love story of the heir to the Russian throne, and young dancers, “Caramore” things are much more serious. The story centers on a vampire clan who colluded with the Emperor and his family.

Danila Kozlovsky will play a major role in the vampire Saga with a historical touch. Ghouls, which is ruled by the last Russian Tsar, killed the beloved character of Daniel, and he becomes obsessed with a vendetta. Wanting to take revenge on the Emperor and not quite ordinary companions, he unleashes the First world war and takes an active part in the October revolution. The producers of the show emphasize that the Emperor himself was not a bloodsucker, but only used them.