Danilko criticized the intention of the Verkhovna Rada of fine musicians for the concerts in Russia

The famous Ukrainian artist Andrey Danilko, aka Verka Serduchka, criticized the desire of the Verkhovna Rada to punish the musicians for their tour in Russia. About it reports “observer”.


Danilko does not understand the purpose of the MPs ‘ proposals, noting that the country has a lot of other problems. Andrew believes that the choice of venues is a private matter of the artist. According to him, all cultural figures are people too and are trying by any means to survive in the conditions of present Ukraine, everyone is looking for work.

The singer recalled his last time on this trip to Russia, where he saw in one of the hotels many Ukrainians. He wonders, really in the case of the adoption of the bill likely such sanctions would be applied to them. The musician also noted that those artists who criticize their colleagues, acting in Russia, do it out of jealousy, because it is uninteresting even in Ukraine.

Commented on the events of the Russian journalist Sergei Neighbors. He called the situation “wildest”. The critic believes that every artist has the full right to choose the place of the tour, and to deprive him of this right silly and weird.