Dasha Astafieva pregnant.

Recently popular singer 32-year-old Dasha Astafieva has published a very interesting picture, where it shows distinctly rounded tummy. Now fans suffer guessing whether Dasha in position, or is it a joke.

Даша Астафьева беременна черешней

The famous singer Dasha Astafieva loves to intrigue the audience. Very often in her mini-blog Instagram you can find publications that inspire her followers to be ambiguous. In addition to her frequent Nude pictures that are sometimes shocking, yet surprising posts about the personal life of the artist.

The ASTA has published a picture where she poses with markedly rounded tummy. Reading the caption below photos, one can immediately understand that the celebrity jokes. She said she just ate the cherries:

“Congratulations!!!! We have cherry”

Даша Астафьева беременна черешней

However, many fans still began to peer at the photo and began to write that she is pregnant, and “cherry” is an allusion to the twins. Some noted that soon to hide the tummy will already be impossible. Most fans came to the conclusion that the model would be a great mom.

“It can’t be cherry, people! You look at her belly! This is how many pounds of the cherries you need to eat! My answer: impossible!!! I suppose that could be a slip of the abdomen, but looks a bit too natural. Therefore, Dashulka, congratulations!” ,”Astafieva she was expecting twins!!”, “Dasha, congratulations! Yay! Good health – strong,” “Cherry – it means twins”, “Honestly can’t understand the most beautiful girl in the world pregnant or is it just a joke?”.

At the moment Dana Astafieva has not commented on these allegations, thus gave reason to think about her interesting position.

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