Dealers of tickets to the Champions League final: UAH 100 000 and you are at the stadium!

Перекупщик билетов на финал ЛЧ:  100 000 гривен - и вы на стадионе!

Dealers of tickets to the Champions League final: “UAH 100 000 and you are at the stadium!”
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Dealers of tickets to the Champions League final: “UAH 100 000 and you are at the stadium!”. Photo: REUTERS

For the opportunity to comfortably watch the match asking 3500 euros.

Because wanting to watch the Champions League final was very much – almost 20 people in one place, tickets priced from 70 (at the gate), 450 Euro (Central places) played on the official UEFA website. Those who were not among the 5,000 lucky ones, rely on dealers. Fortunately they are willing to give up their tickets, but at a very expensive price.

Slipped a bookmark for books

On the resource “OLKH” today to buy a ticket to the Champions League final cannot – the opportunity for speculators recently closed. But the big problem is to find those who will gladly sell you a chance to get to the football, no, the main thing – to have enough money.

Official reseller of tickets Andrew, as he called himself, given the price, where the price of the ticket starts from 1100 Euro per share. And it is in that sector, which was originally proposed for 70 euros. For 1800 euros – the same sector, but a number closer to the field. For the sector is almost near the Central places for the price of 2100 Euro per ticket. While Andrei does not sell one ticket – only even numbers.

– I, my friends and acquaintances won these tickets on the official website when was a prank. Yes, bought them at 70 and 160 euros, now sell for such a price – EUR 1000, – says our interlocutor. – Our tickets are real, and we’re not kidding.

We wondered: I heard that the tickets bear the names of their owners. Suddenly the entrance to the stadium will check the passport and will find inconsistencies?

It is not a problem, miss exactly: all tickets that I sell, it’s my name, but it is more important to skip to the stadium – bar code. Now you know how many scammers instead of the original tickets you go, you’ll get bookmark! My friend fell for this and bought two tickets for 800 euros, and now sits and does not know what to do, hostel booked, tickets from Poland buy, and where to go if the bookmark? – shared with “KP” in Ukraine” Andrey.

Перекупщик билетов на финал ЛЧ:  100 000 гривен - и вы на стадионе!

To get to the stadium in two cases: either if you’re very lucky. Photo: REUTERS

Special sites for trading

– You only think faster, I have a place to buy, appears as the Nightingale of our interlocutor. Discounts I do not, of course, but if you are a fans of football – an event that cannot be skipped, no matter what it is money at any cost.

In addition to the “live” dealers on the Internet there are many sites offering to buy tickets for the match, to sell or to enter the auction in the last “burning”. So, on one such resource prices start at 1400 euros, and in the Central areas, but that’s sold just a block from 6 to 13 pieces.

Those tickets, which

UEFA played for 450 euros, I suggest to buy from 2500 to 3500 euros (80-100 thousand UAH.) but the cheapest we could find – at a price of 672 euros (about 21 thousand UAH.) only here they work only on full advance payment, and on the site there is no contact phone number.

Перекупщик билетов на финал ЛЧ:  100 000 гривен - и вы на стадионе!

… or very rich.

Reference “KP”

“Olympic” will meet over 70,000 spectators: the quota for fans of both clubs made this year 33 000 tickets, a further 25 000 – allocated to the “UEFA Family”: the sponsors, representatives of the federations of various countries, invited guests. Plus, 5,000 expanded demolished. For all others wishing to get to the match, also left 5,000 tickets, which were raffled in a lottery.