Death of a polemicist and complotiste american Lyndon LaRouche

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The polemicist american far-right and an adept of conspiracy theories, Lyndon LaRouche, has died at the age of 96 years, announced Wednesday that its political action committee.

He died Tuesday, “the day of the birthday of abraham Lincoln, an american president that LaRouche liked and he greeted in his writings,” said the LaRouche/PAC on its website, without specifying where he died or the cause of his death.

The business man was seven times a candidate for the democratic primary for the presidential election, between 1980 and 2004, attracting its voters with a programme that mixed provocative declarations that are perceived as racist and anti-semitic, criticism of the elites and conspiracy theories, including Great Britain against the United States.

There was also a climate skeptic, calling climate change “scientific fraud”.

In 1996, he had rallied hundreds of thousands of votes to his name. In 1988 he had been sentenced to a prison sentence of 15 years for tax fraud and was presented to the election of 1992 from his prison, from which he had been released two years later.

Mr. LaRouche began his political career at the end of the Second world War, an activist in a small group of extreme left, before founding in 1974 the american Party of the workers (US Labour Party), under the banner which he presented in 1976. The platform later evolved into the theses of the extreme right.

In 1999, it was stated, in particular, that the NATO bombardment against Yugoslavia was the proof that Great Britain, one of his favorite targets, wanted to keep the United States in a war against Russia.

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He had hailed the victory of the billionaire republican Donald Trump in 2016 while saying it was concerned, however, that its mandate be “crippled” by a conspiracy of the uk.

His movement has found an echo outside of the United States, as in France, with Jacques Cheminade, a three-time candidate for the presidential elections since 1995, which says “draw” of the thesis of Mr. LaRouche.