Death of Jean Rochefort : His friend Mylène Farmer publishes a nice letter…

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Mylène Farmer in Cannes January 28, 2012

A friendship unsuspected !

In The Point, in kiosks on the 12th of October, by the singer Mylène Farmer published a text of tribute to the late actor Jean Rochefort, who died on 9 October at the age of 87 years. The star had met the actor in 2005, by a common friend and, since then, they regularly attended.

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“Dear John, Every day, for years, I go up some stairs and I look into your eyes : a book, your face on its cover, posed in the middle of works of art… you are certainly a work of art Every day I look at this photo without a frame placed on a part… of your feet… of your pants at chick-yellow, socks yellow, red and black with polka dots and stripes, shoes black and white from another time. And it is also a work of art Breathe your laughter is a medicine, shut up and listen to you a trip, listen to your silence a pilgrimage. One day, Charlotte, your Charlotte and my girlfriend too, has realized a dream of mine, to meet you. Since that day, I think of you as one thinks of a relative, to a loved one. Since we shared the cakes, the laughs, collapses, our fear of the grim Reaper (who, it turns the works of arts…). I have two letters in your hand, my treasure. Your words… that I love… Because you are in love with the other, because you’re in love with the sincerity (one who can escape that the conceited man), you are irresistible. You are unique and irreplaceable. There you I would say gladly : ‘Stop Mylene, you make me blush !’ But here it is… The day wanes ; the night increases, remember ! I miss you already. We will miss you, that’s it…,” she wrote.

Jean Rochefort will be buried in strict privacy Friday 13 October 2017. Beforehand, a public mass will be celebrated at the church of Saint-Thomas-d’aquin in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

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