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Johnny Hallyday is gone. After months of fighting against cancer, the rocker has passed away at the age of 74 years. In a number one-off edition which will be published Thursday, 7 December, the Gala has wanted to pay tribute to this icon of france. Back on his love story with Elizabeth Etienne, one of his marriages with the least publicized.

The death of Johnny Hallyday back to the memories. His death was announced in the night of 5 to 6 December. Since then, the tributes have multiplied, such as the very moving of Line Renaud. Gala back on a history often unknown to the life of the rocker : his love story with Elizabeth Etienne, so-called, Babeth, his second wife.

Married in 1965, Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan were loved for nearly 15 years. A relationship is turbulent, full of ups and downs. In 1980, the couple finally decide to separate. And it is in the other arm as Johnny Hallyday will attempt to find comfort.

Johnny Hallyday meets Elisabeth Etienne at the wedding of his friend Eddy Mitchell in 1980. The rocker seduced then the young woman, offering him a small car for 23 years. But the couple remains very secretive about their relationship. The rocker is not yet officially separated from Sylvie Vartan and is already in a committed relationship hectic with a cover girl. In April 1981, however, Johnny Hallyday slips a lonely finger of Elisabeth Etienne. But Johnny Hallyday is not true. The couple will get married, however, in 1981 the United States, during a ceremony that will last only four minutes. In may 1982, without surprise, the couple divorcera.

Of it, Johnny Hallyday has kept a tender memory. ” It was a woman soft, healthy, discreet, always in a good mood, easy going and selfless “he confided. With Elisabeth Etienne and Johnny Hallyday has lived a story that’s very ephemeral, the couple separated after only sixty-five days of marriage.” When we divorced, ( … ) she has not tried to take advantage of the situation. With the benefit of hindsight, I realize that it was one of the women most worthy of my life, ” had recognized the rocker.

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