Death of Réal Giguère: his fellow female remember

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“Perfect”, “warm”, “happy”, “funny die”: to be interviewed by the QMI Agency Tuesday morning, the day after the death of Réal Giguère, Dominique Michel, Michèle Richard, Danielle Ouimet, and Patsy Gallant have made a homage felt to their comrade disappeared, and missing not specify at what point the pillar of Télé-Métropole could be discreet and secret.

“It was a perfect man, launched without detour Dominique Michel, attached as Florida. When we say that Réal Giguère was perfect, that was it. He was always very elegant, very clean, very prepared. His clothes were always impeccable. This is a man who worked a lot, which looked comfortable. It was not that people behave as fans around him. It was working, and it worked very well. It was very, very, very, very rigorous.”

Funny and stylish

Michèle Richard, who has worked with Réal Giguère on several television shows and starred in the tv series “The Gold of time” written by him, abounded in the same sense, extolling “the rigidity and discipline” of the leader of the quebec version of “Jeopardy”.

“It was a man, very elegant in the attitude, the heart. We secured a lot. It was very warm. Mr. Giguère was a great lord”, stressed the singer, who is said to have been very close to Sylvain, the son of Réal Giguère, at a certain time.

“He was someone extremely nice, and we hit, it was his good mood,” added Patsy Gallant, who has also often been the guest of Réal Giguère in different contexts. He was always smiling, joyful. He was a great talent as a journalist, a comedian, a facilitator, who had a beautiful voice. We lost another great!”

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Danielle Ouimet, for his part, has been co-host of Réal Giguère on several occasions, and the latter had done him the honor of an passage to his former appointment morning “Bla Bla Bla”, to VAT. In addition, it has part of the cast of “The Gold of time”.

“I want to tell at what point it was funny, insisted the presenter, and actress. You got to know him a little bit harsh, but it was a tongue-in-cheek extraordinary. I remembered having laughed to die with him. He did not have to be very funny when he was doing his broadcasts, but when he was invited, he became someone else, and it was total frenzy! I’d like to keep this image of him.”

Away from worldly

Until his last breath, Réal Giguère will have been very protective of her privacy. According to Dominique Michel, the communicator did not want his friends to go see it in the last hours of his illness.

“I knew he was sick for a long time, but I couldn’t go and see him, he didn’t want nobody the way, said the actress. He was a man very proud. It was his wife who phoned me to tell me the news of his death.”

“I went to eat once home. It was a chef special, but it was not a lot of people. It was very discreet. He did not say where he was going on vacation, for example. He said nothing to anyone, not even me! He never confided,” is still remembered Dominique Michel.

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“He didn’t put his trust easily, and there’s nothing to know about his family, about his children,” said Danielle Ouimet. From time to time, he unbosomed himself on his son, but he never spoke of his wife [former model Paulette Gingras, editor’s NOTE]. It was rare that he was walking around with her and, when that happened, he put himself in a bubble and had to hastily leave. He did not like the worldly, because he found that it was a moment where we were asking too many questions.”