Debal’tsevo bridgehead on militants received support from several mouth “Cossack Guard”

At the armed gangs in there to 20 units.
In Debal’tsevo bridgehead in the region and Nikishin Chornukhyne n-terrorist forces received reinforcements in the form of several “newly created” mouth “Cossack guard.” This on its Facebook page informs the head of the Military-Political Studies Dmitry Timchuk.

“Militants of these gangs dressed in winter new form of Russian sample, well armed and equipped. On arms – 20 armored vehicles,” – he said.

In addition, according to Tymchuk, near the road Bahmutskiy observed moving armored vehicles and ACS militants from the contact line of Ukrainian troops in the area west of Alchevsk and Luhansk.

“Faulty equipment is excreted in tow. Total fixed to 30 units, including tanks T-72 and T-64, as well as ACS 2S1” Carnation “- he wrote.

Recall, September 5 in Minsk participants trilateral talks signed a preliminary protocol ceasefire agreement in Donbas. Later it became known that President Poroshenko gave the order to cease fire in the Donbass 18 hours 5 September.

In addition, 19 September in Minsk signed a memorandum of protocol implementation on 5 September. According to the document, expected to cease use of weapons, the withdrawal of foreign forces in Ukraine and so on.

Later in the self-proclaimed “DNR” said they are willing to observe a truce during December 9th equivalent actions of the Ukrainian side.

Subsequently, the militants said they ” do not have time “to 9 December. The meeting moved indefinitely.

However, on 9 December in a combat zone was declared another truce.

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