Declaration of family physicians have already signed up to 16.8 million Ukrainians.

Декларации с семейными врачами подписали уже 16,8 млн украинцев, - Гройсман

The number of Ukrainians who signed the Declaration with a primary care physician, exceeded 16.8 million About this at the Cabinet meeting said the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, reports

“We have now started to completely change the system of primary care medicine. And what we see today, 16.8 million citizens have already signed their contracts directly with their doctor. You will see that after six months the situation in primary care will be much better than it is today,” he said.

According to the Groisman, today, more than 25 million Ukrainians have received prescriptions for free medicines.

“What we first time a few years ago introduced the program “Affordable medicine”, evidence of its necessity, which is already today more than 25 million Ukrainian citizens received prescriptions for free medicines from chronic diseases,” – said the Prime Minister.

Recall campaign “a Doctor for each family” was launched in Ukraine on April 2.

According to official statistics of the Ministry of health, in state institutions is not enough for about 40 thousand doctors.

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