Declared the international competition program of the OIFF-2018

At a press conference on the 9th FESTIVAL, which took place on 13 June in Kiev (cinema “Oscar”) and on June 14 in Odessa, announced the program of the Odessa international film festival.

Объявлена Международная конкурсная программа ОМКФ-2018

The press conference was attended by the President of OIFF Victoria Tigipko, the General producer of OIFF Julia Sinkevich, program Director of the OIFF anthelme vidaud, software consultant OIFF Alik Shpilyuk, curator of the Contest European documentary film FESTIVAL Sergey Bukovsky, head of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie Philip Ilyenko, first Deputy Head of the Board of JSC “TASKOMBANK” Vladimir Dubey, Director of the TV channel “Ukraine” Victoria Korogod

“This year we received films from 95 countries — more than in 2017. Geography is quite interesting — we got Lena from Chile, Iceland, New Zealand, Tanzania, Taiwan. Leaders in the number of applications traditionally held by the countries-members of EU: Germany, France, Spain, Italy. Each country has sent 60 to 93 films,” said Viktoriya Tigipko, President of Odessa international film festival. General producer of the FESTIVAL Yulia Sinkevich called the films participating in the International competition. She also noted: “the FESTIVAL is a platform where you meet the world film professionals and obsuzdajutsja important industry issues. Traditionally, the FESTIVA will host the Film Industry Office and film market in the Summer. Film Industry Office is a professional program which consists of three subsections of bankruptcy. A new initiative will be miniconference “Flms: Backstage”, where we talk about gender issues in the film industry”.

Объявлена Международная конкурсная программа ОМКФ-2018

To participate in the competitive programmah 9-th OIFF was filed 1011 films from 95 countries. The selection Committee has selected 12 feature films from 19 countries (including the country co-productions): Germany, Austria, Poland, India, Ukraine, Greece, Monaco, Belarus, USA, Russia, Romania, France, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Palestine, Norway, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. The films will compete for the Grand Prix of the FESTIVAL “Golden Duke” and other International competition awards.

Объявлена Международная конкурсная программа ОМКФ-2018

  • Drama “Styx” (Styx), Wolfg�
    �nga Fischer about a young ambulance doctor. A woman wants to realize his meta, but because of this change not only his life but the lives of many other people-refugees who meets in the path
  • Psychological drama “the Tower. Clear day” (Tower. A Bright Day/ Tower. Jasny Holland) Polish filmmaker Berries Seltz talks about the usual family drama, turns into a story on the verge of fantasy and reality
  • A lyrical film of Ukrainian film Director Daria Gaykalova (Dar Gai) “Three and a half” (Teen Aur Aadha / Three and a Half), shot in co-production with India. The film reveals the life of one house for 50 years: it has at various times had a school and a room in which lived a young man along with her paralyzed grandfather. Another time there was a brothel, and after that a cozy family nest. The house whispers the secrets of the past years its residents and opens the owners of the secluded recesses of your own memory
  • Satirical Comedy with elements of black humor “Sorry” (Oiktos / Pity) Greek Director Babis of Makridis tells the story of a 40-year-old man who lives with his son in the house of his family and caring for his wife who is in a coma. When she suddenly comes to life, the family life turns into a real farce.
  • Dramedy Ukrainian Director Roman Bondarchuk “Vulkan” (Volcano) tells the story of a foreigner Lucas, who goes with the OSCE mission to the border with the occupied Crimea and it turns into a distorted reality in the house of a local resident Vova. In these weird places where every day could be your last, Lucas gets a chance to start life anew
  • Sitcom “Crystal” (Crystal Swan) Darya Zhuk, in which several generations have faced each other. Young reverce Ordering, dreaming about emigrating to the United States who were forced to moved to a small factory town and turns his life upside down.
  • The dramatic Thriller “Pororoca” (Pororoca), the Romanian Director Constantin Popescu will introduce the intriguing story of ideal couple whose little daughter in a moment disappears.
  • Black Comedy thunder Road (Thunder Road) Jim Cummings is the story of a COP who calls in spite of the sad fate makes every effort to remain optimistic.
  • A film about growing up “Girl” (Girl) directed by Lucas Dont — the story of 15-year-old Lara, who chose the path of a professional ballerina and have to accept my body, though born a boy.
  • French drama “Paris education” (Mes provinciales / A Paris Education, Jean-Paul Svarak) is the story of two young men who come to the Sorbonne, where to face the challenges of friendship, love and, most importantly, art.
  • Gangster Saga “Migratory birds” (Pájaros de verano / Birds of Passage) from the Columbia Directors Ciro Guerra’s and Christina Gallego — confession about what happens when they cross the greed, passion and honor. Starts a fratricidal war in which at stake is the lives, culture and traditions of their ancestors.
  • Co-production in 7 countries — Palestine, France, Germany, Colombia, Norway, Qatar the UAE — the dramatic Comedy “Wajib” (Wajib) Annemarie of Jacir with a bitter sweet aftertaste about the relationship of father and son from Director Annemarie of Jasir.

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